In 2013, the City of St. Louis was presented with a comprehensive and strategic plan called Vision Zero, however, Mayor Slay and others rejected the plan because resources weren’t available.

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Initiative (B.A.P.I.) will take every opportunity to educate the St. Louis area on the core principals of the Vision Zero Plan. Those principles include:

  • Traffic deaths are preventable and unacceptable.
  • Human life takes priority over mobility and other objectives of the road system. The street system should be safe for all users, for all modes of transportation, in al communities and for people of all ages and abilities.
  • Human error is inevitable and unpredictable; the transportation system should be designed to anticipate error so the consequence is not severe injury or death.   Advancements in vehicle design and technology are a necessary component toward avoiding the safety impacts of human errors and poor behaviors.
  • People are inherently vulnerable and speed is a fundamental predictor of crash survival. The transportation system should be designed for speeds that protect human life.
  • Safe human behaviors, education and enforcement are essential contributors to a safe system.
  • Policies at all levels of government need to align with making safety the highest priority for roadways.

We strive to increase the effectiveness of the Vision Zero mission through increasing a “safety first” collaboration and educational campaigns among political leaders, roadway designers and managers, traffic enforcement agencies, vehicle manufacturers, transit operators, government regulators, educators, public health officials, community advocates, and the public.