October 8, 2015

Trailnet brings 25 regional leaders to innovative walking and biking conference

Justin Carney

The Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals Professional Development Seminar took place in St. Louis September 28 – October 1. Trailnet applied to host the conference in St. Louis as a way of building the capacity of our leaders to further improve walking and biking. As the presenting sponsor and host committee coordinator of the conference, Trailnet provided free registrations to 25 regional leaders. These leaders realize the important impact Trailnet is having on our community by providing access to education about cutting-edge infrastructure and strategies. Here’s what a few of them have to say:

Justin Carney, Senior Planner, Strategy + Innovation, Office of County Executive, St. Louis County

“A scholarship is important for me as someone in the County where budgets are slim and training opportunities are slim, but it’s still very important for us to be part of the conversation. As we’re developing and implementing our Complete Streets policy, which brings our health, planning, and transportation departments together, it’s necessary to have all of those departments represented. The scholarships allowed us to have an interdisciplinary presence at the conference and it’s been really beneficial for us.”

Jim Wild

Jim Wild, Interim Executive Director, East-West Gateway Council of Governments

“It’s important that Trailnet and other groups provide access to conferences like these so we can learn effective strategies to create a well-rounded transportation system to create a better quality of life for our region.”


Larry Welty, Improvement Programs Manager, Transportation and Public Works, St. Louis County

“The detailed information from the conference is inspiring and reenergizing. Everyone was impressed with the mobile tours of the Arch and the riverfront. It was great for us to tell the story of what’s so great about St. Louis.”


Nichalos Gardner, Director, Transportation and Public Works, St. Louis County

“I think the conference definitely created more of a synergy and energy around improving the transportation network—to get more pedestrians and bicycles on the road. I also hope it’s going to help with our education of the public—getting them involved and helping them understand exactly what needs to be done. Good conference!”

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